I remember as a kid watching the moon shot in Cocoa Beach, Florida and saying wow we are going to the moon.

Just the thought of the feat of putting man on the moon is overwhelming. But in order to get to the moon it starts with the first step. Once you begin the process the plan takes shape. DIVIDEND INVESTING is like the same process as putting man on the moon. Say today you have no money but you start small and invest a little bit each month. When you think of John F Kennedy’s speech to a special joint session of Congress on May 25,1961 they probably looked at him like he was crazy. First off we had never gone there before and second think about how new the space program was. You as a new investor if you have never started this might seem overwhelming also. Your portfolio can start just like Putting Man on the Moon. One thing to remember is investing is a process. Start small and be consistent. (STAY WITH YOUR PLAN) No get rich quick thinking. Slow and steady. Once you get the ball or idea rolling it starts to domino and eventually will have a steady income flow. Buy quality stocks not fly by night companies. When you see the domino effect happening this is when you look back and say wow I’m doing it. Think Back to 1961 and what congress must have thought. Let’s think short term. Use five years as an example. Will you take the Moon Landing challenge or are you gonna look back and say it will never happen. It is up to you to make your future. Think of this famous QUOTE by THE GENIUS ALBERT EINSTEIN

Albert Einstein

“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it.”

Remember the process. (ONE DIVIDEND AT A TIME)

Start with the first step and watch the rocket go to the MOON. It is not easy but if it was everyone would be rich and all countries would be on the moon. Let your journey begin. START INVESTING IN YOUR FUTURE.





  1. It’s all about steps. Unfortunately many don’t even take the first step and start on a dividend growth journey and sometimes the ones that do start get discouraged by the slow growth of their passive income in the beginning and quit. It’s about taking that first step and starting and staying consistent and sticking with a plan. You hit it on the head.

  2. So true. I have a lot of people new to DGI investing comment on my blog. They say things like they wish they could make as much as I do each month in dividends. My answer back is anyone can do it. I have no specific investing talent. I just set a plan and I stick to it.

    I remember my first month of dividends was around $3 dollars. Fast forward 20years later, this March will be a record dividend month for me. I’m going to make close to $800 this month. Baby steps lead to retirement.

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